hot oatmeal breakfast drink (atole)

hot oatmeal drink
this is a comforting hot drink that is filling enough to be breakfast.  it tastes delicious, like a bowl of sweetened oatmeal, but is convenient because you can drink it out of a mug.  it is so perfect for cold mornings.
it took my kids a few tries to get used to the 'new oatmeal,' but they now like it-  my husband loves it and requests this 'oatmeal drink' often!

hot oatmeal breakfast drink (atole)
an original recipe by rachelle

1 heaping cup oats (instant or regular, both work well!)
2 1/2 cups water
dash salt
1/4 cup sugar
2 cups milk

heat water, salt and sugar in pan until boiling.  add oats, cook for 2-3 minutes.
meanwhile, heat up milk in microwave for 2 minutes or bring to an *almost* boil in another pan.
pour milk in blender and add hot cooked oatmeal mixture.
start blender on low and hold onto the lid with a towel- this is a full load for a blender so start slow.
increase blender to high and blend until smooth.
serve in mugs.  add a sprinkle of cinnamon if you like!


  1. Can't wait to try it tomorrow morning! Thanks

  2. Did you use quick oats or regular?

    I've been wanting to eat more oatmeal in the mornings and this looks much faster (and yummier) than a bowl of oats. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. @Jayne~ I have used both quick and regular oats and both work well> but I do need to edit the recipe to say that, thanks! ;)
    and honestly we don't eat bowls of oatmeal very often anymore. this wins everytime for us! hope u like it too!

  4. Okay- i just made this and LOVED it! And so far it's been able to stay in my stomach, which is a huge accomplishment for this prego lady! Thanks rachelle!

  5. toni i'm so glad! you get some cooold mornings up there. tell that little lincoln to be nice in there! ;)

  6. i still need to try this it looks delish. i am on here getting your meatball recipe and thought i'd say hello!! miss ya!

  7. Hi Rachelle.

    I love your recipes! A few of them have become staples at our house. Thanks for this great resource! I made a shredded beef recipe in the crock pot, and put it inside tamales a little while ago. I froze what we didn't use, and my husband and I just fell in love with it all over again. Now I can't seem to find it in your archives! Can you help me locate a recipe that begins with oven roasting 8 chilis (I use poblano, but I don't think your recipe specified) then simmering it all together in the crock pot? Unfortunately, I don't remember past that. I am 99,9% that it came from here. Am I loosing my mind? Carmin

  8. Hi Carmin! The only recipe I can think of is this one:

    I did give crock pot directions on there. Yum tamales! You go girl! :)

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  11. I live in Miami and as everybody knows, we have warm weather all year round. I love your oatmeal drink for breakfast in the few cold days we have here but when summer gets here sometimes it is too hot to eat or drink anything warm and usually I don't have the time to do it. I found a product in my grocery store that is absolutely delicious, it is an oatmeal drink called Avena Alpina and it comes in individual servings with You can drink it cold or at room temperature, it not only taste very good but it also leaves my stomach full until lunch. I know they sell it in Miami but if anybody wants to try it and can't find it; I know they have an online store in




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