green chile sour cream sauce & dip

i based this recipe on a dip we love that is served at the (famous) Si Señor restaurant in Deming, NM.  they serve this dip with bowls of tortilla chips and salsa, and we can never get enough!  it's perfect party food- stick it in your 7 layer dip instead of sour cream, or serve bowls of this dip, salsa and guacamole with tortilla chips, yum!

in addition to eating this by the bowlful with our chips, we love this sauce on top of our red enchiladas instead of sour cream, with flautas for dipping, and on top of chimichangas.  it's perfectly fabtastic, a super simple recipe, but it is always gone in a flash around here!

green chile sour cream sauce & dip
an original recipe by rachelle, based on a dish from Si Señor Restaurant

1 heaping cup sour cream
1/2 heaping cup roasted & peeled green chile (we like it fresh roasted, but  2- 4oz. cans, drained will work too)
1/2 teaspoon salt, to taste
dash chicken boullion

combine in a blender or food processor, processing by pulse so some chunks of chile are left.  i process the sour cream and salt and half the chile til smooth, then pulse in the second half of the chile, careful to leave it chunky.  taste and season with more salt if needed.  refrigerate to blend flavors at least 1 hour, preferably a few hours or overnight.


  1. So glad you are posting recipes again. Question on the peppers - do you roast your own? If so, how do you do it?
    Leigh Anne

  2. Hi Leigh Anne! You've always been so sweet to me, I consider you a blogging friend- I'm happy to see you here again! Your blog looks great, I'll be popping in more frequently now. ;)
    I'll post how to roast green chiles for you very soon, it's super easy, you'll love it!

  3. I'm happy to see you blogging again too! :) This is easy and sounds divine!!

  4. yay, rachelle is back! looks yummy and you knows we got lots of green chile! jared brought me enough to do almost 70 quarts this year- he's crazy about the stuff!

  5. My family is from Deming and we never miss an opportunity to go to Si Senor. I LOVE that you gave them props!

  6. Rachelle - No pressure but I'd love to make them this dip for a party on Tuesday, any way I could get a quick explanation - Thanks!!!

  7. Rachelle - No pressure but I'd love to make them this dip for a party on Tuesday, any way I could get a quick explanation - Thanks!!!

  8. Hi Stephanie! Of course! Si Senor is the best! ;) Leigh Anne, I emailed you. Will post how to roast chiles for everyone else this week!

  9. Woohooo Meg! Did you bottle it all? Bet your hands were sore, lol!

  10. silly question but how much of the boil-on do you use.... and is it the cubed or do we add the water too it

  11. Hi, I always loved that sauce too. Especially mixed with the green enchilada sauce. That's the hardest part of moving from Deming to New England, the Mexican food is terrible here.
    I always assumed that this sauce had jalapeños in it instead of green chile. I think I may try it both ways. Thank goodness they ship chile frozen 😊
    Thanks for giving me a taste of home.


    1. Hey Elaina! Thanks for your comment. I think you are right about the jalapeños. I like the flavor of roasted green chile but it’s way too spicy to be chilaca! Good luck in New England, so glad you can find a taste of home! xo Rachelle




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