banana spring rolls with coconut ice cream

my favorite restaurant dessert of all time. (and it's easy enough for a weeknight dessert, fancy enough for a party!) i think you may love me after this.

banana spring rolls over coconut ice cream
an original recipe by rachelle, inspired by pf changs

ripe bananas
egg roll wrappers
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/8 teaspoon chinese five spice mix*
oil for frying

coconut pineapple ice cream (buy haagen dazs in the US, holanda in MX)
caramel sauce
strawberries or raspberries
mint, for garnish

preheat two inches of oil to 350 degrees in a saucepan. set two small bowls side by side, one with a scoop of brown or white sugar mixed with the five spice, one with water. separate the egg roll wrappers you are going to use, one per half banana. (you should be able to see your fingers through the dough. even when i think i only have one wrapper, if i look closely there are usually two doubled up. make sure you only have one wrapper.)
cut banana in half crosswise. coat banana in sugar and place in the wrapper. spread water all over the edges of the dough and roll it up like a burrito, sealing the ends by folding and pushing the dough together with your fingers. if a halved banana is too long, trim the edges to fit the dough. prepare all the banana pieces before frying. fry one or two at a time, carefully turning to brown evenly on all sides. remove from oil and slice rolls in half. serve warm over pineapple-coconut ice cream, with berries and a drizzle of caramel.

*chinese five spice is made of: cinnamon, anise, ginger and cloves. if you don't have it, shake into the sugar a tiny amount of those spices instead. a. tiny. amount.

**variation: layer chocolate chips or shredded coconut underneath banana before rolling.

for a party, i would plate this dessert like the restaurant:


  1. you have totally read my mind!! this is one of my FAVORITE desserts and i've been dying for it lately! pf changs right? we don have one close so i'm so glad you posted this! yippeee!

  2. i was too busy drooling to notice that you wrote inspired by pf changs!

  3. This is my favorite restaurant dessert EVER! I'm unusually hard to please when it comes to desserts at restaurants...I just don't think many taste good and most definitely are not worth the price, but I am never disappointed with this! Thanks so much for posting this. I can't wait to make fact, I think this recipe alone deserves a trip to the grocery store. :) Thanks again. ~Lindsey

  4. Oh my, these look amazing!! I love this dessert! So glad you posted this :)

    I would love to write about your recipe on our blog! If you are interested send me an email at

    Haley, KI Blogger

  5. OMG drooling. I love this at PF Changs.




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