currently loving: cargo skinnies, white knuckles and cocoamotion

so it occurred to me that my food blog, fashionably foodie-  is too much foodie and not enough fashionably!  i'm going to kick off a new feature on this blog, currently loving.  this is something i like do on my personal blog, and i thought it might be fun on this blog too.  if you hate it or love it or want to talk this or anything else, email me at fashionablyfoodie AT gmail DOT com
this is what's on my radar this week!

xoxo, rachelle

to eat: i'm on a pepperoni pizza kick, my two girls and I have a standing weekly pizza lunch date
to drink: it's hot chocolate time again! we love our cocoamotion hot chocolate maker.  extra marshmallows please
to shop: hitting amazon, american girl and pottery barn kids in one fell santa swoop! i want to be done with my christmas shopping early this year!
to hear: ok go, white knuckles~ if prince and lenny kravitz had a beautiful baby, it would be this song, LOVE it, i am beyond, beyond obsessed with it!! (and my kids know that they can't talk during this song, i'm going to play it really really loud,  may play the air guitar, and we WILL stay in the car to hear the whole song) lol
to wear: if you see me this week i'm wearing these pants. loving my army green skinny cargos. also still obsessed with revlon super lusterous lip gloss, i love that stuff
to watch: the only things on my tv these days are icarly and call of duty: black ops (that would be my six year old and my husband)
to do: plan parties! just catching my breath from my six year old daughter's birthday, getting ready for the Thanksgiving dinner for 200 and the Christmas gift Bazaar at the gradeschool and am already thinking about my three year old's  birthday party... next August


  1. I love this idea! And cocoamotion's are the best! Way fun, cute blog!




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