about me

    hi.  i'm rachelle.

i'm a thirty-something stay-at-home mom and i live with my husband and our children in the mexican countryside.  yes, old mexico.  born and raised a utah girl, i miss the mountains and cafe rio, but traded up for a hot rancher husband and a full time maid.

  i prefer writing in lowercase and am guilty of many a run-on-sentence (just like my real life personality.) you’d never guess that i graduated in english and am a very small time published writer and poet. 

i started cooking in high school, coming up with recipes to try on my family, and i have been casually cooking ever since.  i have a horrible memory except when it comes to all things culinary.  i have a simple palate and prefer simple, familiar food to cuisine that requires taste aquisition and ingredient sourcing.

i have four little kids, and almost always have at least one hanging on my leg while i cook.  it's a cute sight to be sure, but it keeps my recipes pretty simple.

my blog

all recipes i post are tried and true, use basic  ingredients, and are kid and family friendly.  since i live in mexico, my cooking is strongly influenced by mexican and southwestern flavors.  i've learned how to cook lots of authentic mexican dishes, and i have created lots of my own dishes with a tex-mex twist.  i post recipes i have discovered to rave about, my preferred basic recipes and all the original recipes that i create myself.   my blog is an OLD blog, and I am working to update it.  our family now eats a more whole-foods menu than we have in the past, and I don’t make quite as much from scratch anymore.  my recipes will now reflect those changes.

why blog?

i blog because i love to create.
blogging keeps me writing down my perfected recipes instead of thinking i can remember them to find 2 months later that i can't remember them at all, and it keeps my recipes organized.  i love that i've made lots of new friends and reconnected with some old ones through blogging.  i love to have a place to share my ideas and recipes.  most of all, i would love to publish my own cookbook someday!

so that's the yawn about me.    a big welcome to my blog.     
buen provecho!


Marisa said...

Hi I love your asian chicken lettuce wraps and I have made them so many times!! I wanted to send the link to a friend, but it's not working. Is there a glitch or have you moved the recipe?? Ahh, I love it! Thanks!!

bert said...

Did you used to have a fideo recipe with shrimp and clams? I saved a link but the page seems to me gone.

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