perfect sunday roast

this roast is so easy, you will kick yourself if you haven't tried it already. it makes its own gravy! it requires just two things: a will and a crock pot. i gave this recipe and my mom's advice about the chuck (see below) to my best friend when she got married and didn't know how to boil water. she is now famous for her roast, what can i say? let me walk you through how to make a perfect sunday roast. make someone happy this sunday.

perfect sunday roast
recipe from the fix-it-and-forget-it cookbook
3-4 pound CHUCK beef roast, remember the CHUCK. very important.
1/2 envelope dry onion soup mix
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can water
salt and pepper
onion, potatoes, carrots

dump the onion soup mix, cream of mushroom and water in the crock pot. use a whisk cause that soup really doesn't like to break down. take your aggression out. whisk it good. carefully plop your roast in the middle of the soupy mixture. generously salt and pepper the roast. put the lid on your crock pot. cook it at least 10 hours on low. after about 8 hours, i flip the roast over and add in a quartered onion, some big chunks of carrot, and some quartered potatoes. you can use baby carrots too. i omit this step if i'm making mashed potatoes later. strain the gravy as best you can and serve as is or thicken it up. if it is too salty for you, try a low salt mushroom soup or less onion mix next time.
*you can even put the roast in frozen! cook it 12 hours on low. (not ideal for tenderness.)
sorry but i won't allow a roast cooked on high. if you forget in the morning, make something else!
i buy a pack of roasts at costco. i cut the two huge roasts in half and ziplock and freeze all four little gems for later. (or cube one for stew.) i'm always ready for a roast.
the chuck roast always cooks up just perfectly. as a newlywed, i forgot that this is what my mother had told me, and i tried some other cut which turned out tough. i called her and she told me to remember the chuck. the chuck. the chuck, it's always good.


  1. Must be "mom" advice 'cause I got the same & that quick & easy recipe is one of my favorites to do. Love the tip with the roasts from COSTCO! Excellant!!!




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