i dream of buttercream

honestly i can't even look at a picture of a cupcake with fluffy creamy buttercream frosting without drooling.  the perfect buttercream frosting is one of my joys in life!  this is a great recipe because it holds its shape for decorating but it still tastes delicious.  if you are making white frosting you need to use clear vanilla so the brown vanilla doesn't turn your white frosting tan.  any extra frosting can be frozen in a ziplock bag and defrosted in the fridge as needed.   i may or may not have gone into the freezer and eaten a pinch of frozen buttercream after writing this.

i dream of buttercream
rachelle's recipe
large batch:  enough for 48 decorator frosting cupcakes

1 cup butter (2 sticks, at room temperature)
1 cup crisco (butter flavored crisco tastes better but will add color if you are making white frosting)
1 tablespoon clear or regular vanilla
2 pounds powdered sugar (1/2 Sams Club pack or 2 Walmart sized)
3+ tablespoons cold milk  (up to 6-7 for really fluffy soft frosting, less for holding decorating shape)

mix it!  ;)


  1. They look beautiful! What tip did you use to make the nice swirls?




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