pavlova with strawberries and cream

talk about a show stopper!  pavlova is a sweet meringue pie topped with fruit and cream.  it is such a good dessert.  it tastes very sweet and marshmallowy with a thin crispy crust.  it's an impressive and delicious for company or a special meal, and it is easy to make!  there are a couple of tricks to making a good pavlova but once you learn you will love it for life.  this is my husband's absolute favorite, it is such a yummy treat!

i strongly suggest you watch a video on making pavlova first, to see the tricks and the egg white consistency for making good meringue.  i like the recipe from chef john best but i will post links to two great instructional videos.

chef john pavlova video (this is great!)
joy of baking pavlova video

sorry for the choppy picture, i've tried to upload it 100x, i just have horrible internet right now, i will try to reload it soon!  :(

pavlova with strawberries and cream

recipe from chef john

3 large egg whites, room temperature 
3/4 cup sugar
2 tsps cornstarch
3/4 tsp white vinegar
1 tsp vanilla

whipped cream
1 Tablespoon apricot jam

put sugar and cornstarch in a bowl and mix together.
in the bowl of a mixer, mix eggs on medium to the ribbon stage.

dump in a couple of tablespoons of the sugar mixture, mix it into the egg whites until the sugar dissolves, about 10 seconds.

keep adding the sugar in a couple of tablespoons at a time, until it is all incorporated and the sugars are dissolved.  it will start getting thick and shiny and beautiful!  

after you've added the last of the sugar, mix in the cornstarch and vinegar.

mix a little bit longer until the meringue forms little peaks when you pull the beaters out, it will be still look very creamy,shiny and thick and pretty.  

plop the meringue onto the middle of a silicone baking sheet or parchment paper on a baking sheet.  you want it about 6-7 inches wide and about 2 inches high.  even it out so it's nice and flat on top.  

bake in a preheated 250 degree oven for one hour, then turn oven off and let pavlova cool completely in the oven that has been turned off and the door opened.  it is normal to have a few cracks and crevices.  

oh so carefully remove your cooled pavlova from the baking sheet and transfer it onto a serving platter-  be SO careful here!

top cooled pavlova with sweetened fresh whipped cream and berries.

to make the berries pretty and glazed, heat a little apricot preserves in the microwave with a few drops of water and brush the mixture atop the berries.  the whole berries are a pretty presentation but it is much easier to eat pavlova with sliced berries on top.  enjoy! 


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