quick tip: quick & gentle defrosting

to be able to defrost in the microwave without having edges-only-semi-cooked ground beef and rubbery-edged chicken is a glorious thing. and the solution is so simple.

put the frozen meat in a microwave-safe bowl filled almost full with water and defrost as usual. i've tried this trick with frozen chicken breasts just floating in the water and ziplock bags of frozen ground beef. it is a gentler defrost and works every time.
you'll never have rubber-edged chicken again! yea!


  1. everyone should know this great tip! i think it actually speeds up the defrosting too, but don't know for sure because i haven't tested it.

  2. Rachelle,

    Great tip - I actually cook my chicken in the microwave this way - not just defrost it. Put it in a glass dish in about 1/2" of water or so, cover with saran wrap and cook. The chicken comes out nice and moist.

  3. I love your blog and you have a small token of my appreciation (award) on my blog.

  4. Bless your socks, I'll never have defrosted rubbery chicken again!

  5. Oh. My. Gracious!!! What a fabulous tip!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. wow i wish i knew this tip ages ago! my chicken always ends up cooking around the edges and still frozen in the middle when i try to defrost in the micro. i can't wait to try this tonight!




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