quick tip: schmeary spreadable butter

spreadable butter is something that you need almost daily. everything is better with a cold schmear of butter, and this way it will be ready-to-go straight out of the fridge, without buying those trans-fat tub-o-butter-wannabes. this is another of those super simple recipes that just may change your life. it has mine.

schmeary spreadable butter
recipe from jenny carlsen
1 cup canola oil
1 cup butter (two sticks! pic just shows one. do as i say, not as i photograph.)
1/2 teaspoon salt
in your blender, measure a cup of oil to the 1 cup line. add in two sticks of butter and a pinch of salt. (ok, you could omit the salt, but i am a saltaholic and unapologetic.)
pour into a butter dish or a 2 cup tupperware and refrigerate until set. store in fridge.
use for pancakes, muffins, toast, rolls, cooking, whatever!
*in the summertime you may want to try a little less oil if your butter is melting too quickly at the dinner table. also feel free to make a smaller amount to try. just use even amounts of butter and oil. whatever kind of oil does it for you is fine.


  1. I just leave a cube of butter in my butter container on the counter and it always stays soft :) (unless we go out of town, turn the A/C off and forget to stick it in the fridge. I've come home to many puddles on the counter :))

  2. ahh, but then you are missing the wonderful delight of a COLD schmear on hot bread! it's just my fave!

  3. I'm with natalie. The thought of eating all that extra oil does not sit well with me.

  4. I LOVE this idea! It will help the butter last longer and most of all it is better for you!! More heart heathy! My personal butter issue is...where to get a darling butter dish like yours!....thanks for your suggestions this is a favorite blog of mine!




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