fiesta wraps

this is another of my favorite easy meals. it's cheap, filling, yummy and colorful. there is almost no active prep time. it's all waiting. if you have a pressure cooker, this can be a last minute meal. without a pressure cooker, you can either plan ahead or use canned beans. if you have any leftovers, they translate well into this salad the next day.

fiesta wraps
(black bean and rice wraps)
black beans, prepared
rice, prepared
avocado, cubed
tomato, diced
onion, diced
cheddar cheese
sour cream

prepare black beans: i use a pressure cooker: 2 cups dry beans, water to cover by a couple of inches, salt, minced onion, garlic. pressure on high for 30 minutes and release pressure. if you have to use a can of beans, heat them on the stove and fix them up: add minced onion, chicken boullion, or salt. whatever you like, season them and heat them up.
prepare rice: white or brown. i like white for this. loving my rice cooker. if you don't have one, it's so worth the $20 for perfect rice every time, without babysitting or worrying about it boiling over.
warm tortillas and chop onion, tomato and avocado while beans and rice cook. put out little bowls of salsa, cheese, sour cream and limes.
let everybody pile up the wraps the way they like 'em!
*this is best with yummy tortillas: i like to use those uncooked tortillas from costco that you cook yourself. (or homemade.) and to all my tortilla loving friends: do yourself a favor and buy one of those tortilla keepers. they are so great for keeping your tortillas warm for meals like this.


  1. I love this! It's my new favorite go-to lunch these days. Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

  2. tried it today and loved it! I was really impressed that something that easy could be so good!! thanks!!




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